Rebecca. 19. England.Photobucket
I'd like to think that I'm somebody that cannot be easily defined. I have insecurities, lots of them. I don't trust people. I can forgive but I don't forget. My family and friends mean the world to me. I can be high-maintenance. I shop more than I breathe. I'm clumsy; I trip over my own shadow and walk into my own reflection. My iPhone is forever glued to my hand. I love shoes; my Ugg boots are my most prized possession along with my Toms, Vans & Converse. I love my GHD's far too much. I'm a self confesed Mayniac and a dedicated Oreo worshipper.Forever on my iPad. It breaks my heart having to leave my bed. I'm shy with new people. I'm always the loudest person in a room full of my friends. I speak before I think and I care too much when I shouldn't. I'm sarcastic and pessimistic. But I love my life, no matter how dysfunctional some parts of it may be. I'm happy. Nobody is going to change that. Photobucket

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